Migration Workload Microsoft to AWS – SafeLeads

Problem Statement/Definition:

The client had an infrastructure on Azure , using basic virtualization services.

The main challenge in this project was to design a framework in the cloud that supported scalability and decoupling of the infrastructure, using microservices, managing the infrastructure cost, because in Azure it was very difficult to manage the infrastructure and costs.

What it proposed:

So the proposal offers the migration of the application in virtualized DotNet to ECS with fargate, segregating into APIs the application, using Lambda, for PDF generation functions, storage in Dynamo, some asynchronous processes, using SQS and a SQL Server database.

How AWS services were used as part of the solution:

We had used resources such as ECS instances with Fargate, SQL Server with EC2, Lambda, SQS, Dynamo, VPC, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, and Cloudformation.


Safeleads started to have a cloud environment without worrying about infrastructure, due to the use of managed services and observability through cloudwatch on the services used.
It was possible to have a more assertive control and management regarding costs on services, using tagging system.
It was possible to create an automated deployment delivery pipeline, speeding up the delivery of features and releases.

Lessons learned:

Safeleads learned that using AWS allows it to scale its business, since it can only pay for what it uses and keep its technology resources always up to date. SafeLeads’ CTO is very pleased.

A Safeleads based in Curitiba, has one of the leading CRMs focused on the solar energy market. The company has a team of approximately 50 employees, serving the entire national territory with its system, 24 hours a day.